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Jul 11, 2011

Want to Gain Sympathy, U.S. politician Fake Bomb Inquiry

Minnesota - Many ways to gain the sympathy and support. But what the politicians the United States (U.S.) is certainly very embarrassing. Instead he sent a fake bomb threat to himself.

Leroy Schaffer, a board member from Minnesota, said an unknown person had sent him a bomb. However, after investigation by the police the bomb turns out she tell yourself, because you want to get sympathy from the public. Because of these reasons are not logical, so he reported to the authorities.

Previously, the politician to the police about a suspicious package. The package is known to be sent from Chicago to his home. Himself to the police as he stated the package could have a bomb.

Although police did not ask him to open the package, Schaffer desperate to open it. When seen, it turns out the package and it contains a fake grenade writing, "Will the next one be real," or in Indonesian language means "The next package will contain the (bomb) that the original".

Schaffer fraud action did not last long. From the evidence found in his house, mentioning that he is preparing the package.

The discovery of the sender's address was his home package strengthens the case, that Schaffer did make public a lie. It also proves that he himself is membersiapkan packages containing fake bombs.

Finally he admitted. "I'm doing this to gain public sympathy," he said as quoted by ANN / Korean Herald, Monday (07/11/2011).

In addition to receiving bomb threats lie, Schaffer also bragged on him as was pursued many people are suspicious.