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Jul 11, 2011

PhotoStudio for Blackberry - Edit photos from your BlackBerry

PhotoStudio for Blackberry is an application program to edit photos from BlackBerry.Anda want to take a photo using a Blackberry? You want to edit photos directly on the Blackberry without the need for Photoshop?
This application is suitable for you, his name PhotoStudio for Blackberry. Developers, BerryBlow have made this application can be downloaded for free as a public beta. This application is suitable for BB users. The program was developed by BerryBlow. BerryBlow has made the program can be downloaded for free or free.

The features provided include

Basic operations such as image brightness, contrast, RGB color adjustment, hue, saturation, etc..
Transform operations: resize, rotate, crop.
Set the clip. Put a beautiful frame in the photograph.
Various effects. Grayscale, Ocean, Sepia, Mystique, Pink, 80s Disco, Old style, Old newspaper, Rainbow, Office style, Behind the glass and much more
Combine operations: Apply single or multiple effects into a single image.
Several output formats options: save the results in two formats: screen dimensions photo or original photo.