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Jul 12, 2011

These 5 Places Prostitution At Most Wanted in the World

The oldest job in the world and will not die is inedible age prostitution. Quoted from, prostitution business right now can not avoid each other competition, which forced them to create an innovative house of prostitution. Below is a list of five places in the world's most innovative prostitution ...
1. Daily Planet
This place is located in Melbourne, Australia, and do not be surprised, the Daily Planet and the shares have been traded legally from 2003. Daily Planet was also awarded the Australian Adult Industry Awards.Inside this place, you will not only meet with sex and more sex, but also a pinball machine, pool table and jukebox. Interestingly you can buy souvenirs! Many kinds of hell, the most secure, including a mouse pad ..There was also a member card, which lets you follow Platinum Club, a gift key chains and pens plus a special membership card. 9 times come, that the 10 free for you!
2. PaschaHouses of prostitution that took place in Germany, Cologne (sapa tau anyone want to stop), is 12 stories high! Got 120 prostitutes who can provide service to 1,000 customers a day!. Purpose of the establishment of this place is to provide oversight, so the PSK ndak inconsequential in practice there are superficial.But make no mistake, Pascha was also opened hotels, bars, and even pizza can be delivered to your home, so it would not matter Esek Esek cuman aja nih. The cool, if you are not satisfied, you have to pay ndak (definition satisfied what?)
3. SoaplandNot the name of a house of prostitution anyway, but this is one service provided at a red light district. The problem in each place of prostitution in Japan, a place like this is always there.Unique services, you will be bathed by a 'new friend' you, on a special bench that allows the Joni to hang freely, in other words, it means that the Bill will also be washed thoroughly and in a tempo that forever.
Round two, starts with a 'new friend' you smeared his body with oil tingggal bikini (I think baby oil), you continue to live bobo-boboan, and 'new friend' you will be happy to me'mijat 'your body is tired with his body oil slick that has been hit earlier.Round three,. up to youRound four, new you deh disiramin water until clean and fragrant.
4. Bunny RanchPlace this one, I think really have to compete hard, let alone his place in Nevada, a state famous for gambling and entertainment banget ama night. So many crazy ideas off of the owner of this place. The first 50 soldiers (of various ranks) who go there will get free entertainment and over the next 50 days will receive a 50 percent discount.
5. Bordels Mobiles de CampagneSince ancient times, the French have this idea. At the time of World War I and World War II, houses of prostitution goes, is always available. Once the shape is a trailer truck with 10 people ready to serve PSK French soldiers who have been 'fasting' for so long. This idea is apparently still popular and used to provide sexual entertainment (perhaps) to reach remote places too! (*)