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Jul 12, 2011

Prevent Syphilis, Hitler Give Sex Toys for troops

GERMANY - A new book reveals that Adolf Hitler had ordered the manufacture of dolls sex to prevent his troops slept with a prostitute-laden disease.
Project called "Borghild Project 'is reportedly began in 1940 when the SS commander Heinrich Himmler sent a letter to remind Hitler about the health risks experienced by the Germans because they relate to the French woman.
"The greatest danger in Paris is the presence of the prostitutes are uncontrollable and widespread, capturing prey in bars, dance halls, dantempat other places," wrote Himmler as reported by CNN on Wednesday (13/07/2011). "It is our duty to prevent soldiers from endangering their health just for a short adventure."
Himmler Hitler and then realizing that desire, and the designers started making puppets that are smaller than a human who was nicknamed 'gynoid'. Hungarian designers approached the actress Kathe von Nagy and ask if they make a model of the silicone doll in her body. Kathe refused.
However, rejection is inspiring designers to make a doll without a face. The reason, soldiers prefer the 'warmer' if they can fantasize with her. When soldiers need a little inspiration, the designers of the Nazi add blue eyes and blonde hair on these dolls.
After intensive testing, Himmler ordered 50 dolls for his own troops. However, in 1942, the party leadership to withdraw the project.
Soldiers who are shy, refused to bring the 'heated' and officials worried they would be ridiculed men if caught by the enemy. American and British troops may have been destroyed during a bomb attack gynoid plant them in the city of Dresden.
Graeme Donald authors reveal the sex toy operation when researching his book 'Mussolini's Barber, which contains a compilation of the strangest stories in military history.
He found time to trace the Barbie doll inventor Ruth and Elliot Handler from the United States. They create Barbie after visiting Germany in 1956 and bought a doll Bild Lili, a new item that is sold in the barbershop and adult nightclubs.
"When I was researching this I found a reference to Nazi sex doll and discovered that Hitler had ordered the making," said Donald.
"As usual, more troops are killed by disease rather than bullets. Syphilis is a problem and Hitler was aware of it and he himself was rumored to suffer from the disease."