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Jul 12, 2011

Unlucky or lucky? Want to Sex Slaves So Rob fact

Either fatal or even luck, a robber who tried to steal a salon in Russia even so the victim when the salon owner beat him and tied the man's naked and then make the robber as a sex slave for three days.

The robber, Viktor Jasinski (32) admitted to police he went to the salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, with intent to rob. But the situation turned for the time salon owner Olga Viktor Zajac (28)-a black belt karate-even beat Viktor.

Remarkably, Olga Viktor able to cope with just one kick! Olga Viktor who was then dragged unconscious into the back room and tied him with cables salon hair dryer.

Olga, such as police, then stripped Viktor. Over the next three days, so Viktor experimental material for sex Olga meaplikasikan number style 'play'. In order to stay fit Viktor, Olga also gives Viktor a powerful drug Viagra for sex experiments took place.

But lucky unlucky robber is finally released after pleading and admitted kapok to Olga. Shortly after his release, Viktor directly report to the police and said that 'misery'. As reported by the Daily Mail, Viktor said he was abducted, handcuffed, stripped, and nothing to eat except a powerful drug Viagra.

Both have now been arrested. Funny thing is, when the police arrived he was interrogated by a plain Olga Viktor denied these allegations. It implies also has 'pay' for such treatment Viktor.

"He reported that brash. Yes, we had sex several times. But I bought new jeans, giving him food and even gave him 1000 rubles when he left," said Olga.

If so, Viktor was unlucky or even lucky huh?