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Jul 12, 2011

Supporting the Government of Syria Attack U.S. Embassy

BEIRUT-Hundreds of supporters of the Government of Syria in Damascus, attacked the Embassy of the United States (U.S.). They smashed the window and strike the walls of the embassy and railed U.S. ambassador to the name of the animal.
Similar conditions are also experienced in the French embassy, ​​but the situation is not as severe as in guarding the U.S. Embassy because there has been anticipating an attack.
The attack is thought related to the visit of U.S. and French Ambassador who visited the city of Hama, base defense the opposition government of President Bashar Assad. Syrian authorities furious with the two ambassadors that visit, especially after the criticism out of the U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford.
Top of the assault, the U.S. and France accuse the Syrian security forces acting slow to respond to security around their embassy offices.Both western governments are also urged Syria to fulfill their obligations to protect U.S. diplomatic missions and France.
When the protest took place, residents shouted government supporters sneer to Mr Ford. "Ford is out now," said the demonstrators as quoted by the Associated Press on Tuesday (12/07/2011).
The demonstrators also damaged the U.S. embassy emblem mounted on the front gate. The U.S. Government also admitted that he would ask for compensation for the damage.
The U.S. government claimed an estimated 300 people approached the wall of the embassy before being forced to leave by the guard of U.S. Marines. But certainly not injured in the incident. While a spokesman for the U.S. State Department Victoria Nuland to assess the security of Syria to act sluggish in addressing this problem.
"We assess the Syrian government does not fulfill its obligation to protect diplomatic facilities, this is really embarrassing," said Nuland.
Conditions experienced by the French embassy is not much different from where the guards fired warning shots into the air. They want to dispel the mass movement of supporters of President Assad who attacked the embassy.
French Foreign Ministry said three embassy employees were reported injured in the attack was organized group. Massa reportedly damaged a car owned by the embassy.