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Jul 12, 2011

France Tepis Negotiations with Libya

PARIS - French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe dismissed the news that it was done negotiating premises Libya. But Juppe today admitted his government was in contact with several parties in the State Muammar Gaddafi.

"There was contact, but it did not move into negotiations," said Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told AFP on Tuesday (07/12/2011).

Juppe claimed it held a meeting with special envoy of Gaddafi. "They (special envoy) did meet once and said that Gaddafi is ready to go and ask to talk about it," said Juppe.

Earlier Kadhafi's son, Saif al-Islam told the newspaper El Khabar Algeria concerning this meeting. He confessed to conduct direct negotiations with the French instead of Libyan opposition groups.

During this time, Libya's opposition refuses to negotiate with Gaddafi government. They insist that leaders who had been in power 42 years is to step down from office and out of the oil-rich country.

Four months France participated in joint military operations that move under the mandate of the United Nations (UN) to protect civilians Libya, Gaddafi of the assault troops.

Together with the forces of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), France launched an air strike directed at the military Gaddafi. But not infrequently, air raids on residential complex region Gaddafi and his family.

The French government committed itself to ensure the NATO bombing will never stop until Gaddafi down from power. Foreign Minister Juppe also said the terms are determined to achieve a ceasefire, has yet to be determined.