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Jul 12, 2011

Northern Ireland Buttcrack Again, 22 Police Injured

Belfast - Northern Ireland Riots hit today when the Irish nationalist groups intend to reject the ongoing action of the pro-British Protestant citizens.

Nationals that the majority were adherents of Catholic Christianity, rejecting the holding action of the march carried the pro-British citizens who are usually held every year.

Police had to fire rubber bullets and water cannon to control the crowd that the number reached 200 people, in west Belfast area. Looks rioters hijacked a bus and set fire to cars and motorcycles that pass through the area.

Nationalist groups also threw Molotov cocktails at police who intend to disperse the riot act. Due to the unrest that was reportedly 22 police officers were injured. So reported Reuters on Tuesday (07/12/2011).

The plan of tens of thousands of Protestant Northern Ireland will take to the streets today, to commemorate the victory of King William of Orange the Protestant over the Catholic King James in 1690 ago. War called the Battle of the Boyne, the established Protestant supremacy in Ireland.

Catholic citizens assess, protests in the streets as a provocative step and riots broke out as tens of thousands of Protestants over the Catholics.

During three decades of war continued between Protestant loyalists who want Northern Ireland to stay logged in the UK with a national Irish Catholic circles, who want to join the Irish.

Peace deal agreed in 1998 and opened the way division of power between the two sides. In recent years, the violence began to decline but not to the small region in the interior since there are many small groups of militant Catholics.

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