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Jul 9, 2011

Residents in Hong Kong slams Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Riots

HONG KONG - Malaysia Approximately 80 residents took to the streets in Hong Kong to support the protests that occurred in Kuala Lumpur. They condemned the riots in Malaysia's capital.

"We are citizens of Malaysia in Hong Kong supports 2.0 Net movement who want clean elections and fair," said protester Brandon Tan told AFP on Sunday (10/07/2011).

As known earlier, on Saturday, July 9 yesterday hundreds of people wearing yellow T-shirt protest demanding clean and fair election. The protest was immediately carried out simultaneously in 30 cities support the movement called Net 2.0.

In addition to Malaysia, protests also took place in Australia, France, United States (U.S.), Britain, South Korea and Taiwan.

Responding to protests in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong activist asks Malaysia Police modeled Hong Kong Police Force in dealing with protests.

"They (Malaysian police) should learn from Hong Kong Police. They were guarding us, help and guide us to protest in Hong Kong," said Tan.

On Saturday police arrested approximately one thousand protesters who staged a protest demanding electoral reform Malaysia. Demonstrations based in Kuala Lumpur that also makes the atmosphere tense. There is also a mention riots that led to the demonstration wound opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

A social networking page belonging Malaysian police say they have arrested approximately 924 people, including lawmakers who joined with Anwar Ibrahim.

It also includes the President of the Pan Islamic Party of Malaysia, Abdul Hadi Awang, who was the leader of the largest opposition party in Malaysia. There is also Ambiga Sreenivasan Net organization leaders who are driving the demonstrators.

Ambiga 55-year-old was the leader of the Net, a coalition that organized the demonstrations demanding a free and fair elections, to be held next year.

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