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Jul 9, 2011

Alves: Do not Force Fabregas Survived

BARCELONA - Rumors of a move to Barcelona's Cesc Fabregas is merely discourse. However, retainer Barcelona, Dani Alves reportedly helped inflame the issues that keep this rolling. Openly, Alves asked for Fabregas to strengthen the Barcelona this summer.

As already reported, both Arsenal and Barcelona are reportedly only until the negotiation stage. The issue price is believed to be the main obstacle than a second decision on the future of the team is Fabregas.

Alves believes Arsenal captain's heart has chosen Barcelona as the next port. According to Alves, the reason is simple, with Arsenal's Fabregas is difficult to grasp that proclaimed expectations.

In an interview with Spanish radio, RAC 1, Saturday (07/09/2011), Alves said. "I understand that he did not want to leave Arsenal, with a bad impression. But I can understand why he was forced to move to Barcelona. "

"Players always want to end it where he wants to play and the club should not defend players who are not happy to be part of the squad," continued Alves sent a message to Arsenal so that is no longer withstand the departure of Fabregas.

Still in the same occasion, Alves also try to give some idea when he moved from Sevilla to Barcelona in 2008. Since then, he joined Barcelona saw more promising than staying at Sevilla has been strengthening since the summer of 2002.

"I was forced out of Sevilla. I saw Train passing and I want to be in business class, "I am Brazilian wing-back.