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Jul 9, 2011

168 Years to be operating, the British media is Finally Closed

LONDON - Age 168 years is not an easy thing to maintain a company. But age is more than 1.5 centuries that must be taken by the News of the World in delivering the news in England.
Today, the News of the World which operates in the form of print and online media, forced to finish their time together with the British society. Headline in the media to write "Thank You and goodbye".
The end of the regular media and explores the political news of this scandal, could not save himself from allegations of phone tapping scandal to get an exclusive story. Regarding these allegations, the News of the World editorial also stated that it "has lost its way".
After an emotional farewell show on Saturday, July 9 yesterday, today editor Colin Myler was leading his staff out of their offices in Wapping, London for the last time.
"The award I give to the team who work here. They are, though faced with a difficult day produces good news in a professional manner," Myler said as quoted by the Associated Press on Sunday (07/10/2011).
More than 200 staff participated Myler came out of their offices to pay their last respects to their office. "As a tribute to 7.5 million of our readers would like to thank his staff," he said with emotion.
"Now, as the tradition on Fleet Street (office of the News of the World), we went to the pub. After 168 years, we finally had to say goodbye to 7.5 million loyal readers," said Myler.
But the crisis of the News of the World itself is still far from completion. The owner is also the world of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, flew to London to resolve this crisis. Regarding the case of wiretapping, the British police will reportedly conduct an investigation of their executive Rebekah Brooks.
Murdoch would do as a defense against Brooks. While Brooks will be questioned by the police themselves, about phone tapping carried out by the media during the 2000 to 2003, when he was still serving as editor.
In addition to telephone intercepts, the News of the World also rocked by the issue of bribery to the police to get exclusive news. Brooks himself admitted to not knowing anything about the allegations and Murdoch also support it.
Previously Andy Coulson, former editor of News of the World has been arrested for his involvement in this matter.Coulson arrest a blow to the government of Prime Minister David Cameron, because Coulson is Director of Communications Office of the Prime Minister of Britain. Airings of this case, make Coulson resigned in January.

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