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Jul 8, 2011

Reduce the suicide rate, Residents Asked to Sign the Coffin

SEOUL - South Korea is a country with the number of suicides in the world. In response, the university held a seminar so that residents can avoid suicide.

Approximately 70 people pledged to "Changing the meaning of life and provide an opportunity to live for others" when they are in a coffin.

Lee Myung-hee (42), a mother of two children, said his experience in a coffin made ​​him realize how much he loved his family and is still too early for him to imagine death.

"It (death) can come to me, because of the age factor. I think it could happen anytime, so I think death is not my business. I think it is better to prepare for my final day in a reasonable manner," he said as quoted by the Telegraph, Friday (07/08/2011).

Kang Kyung-ah, a professor of nursing at the University Sahmyook who held a seminar said the residents are aged 20, 30, and 40 could benefit from being in a coffin and appreciate life because of the high suicide rates in their current age.

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