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Jul 8, 2011

NATO Attack Oil Facilities Libya

Tripoli - To weaken the power of Gaddafi troops, troops of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to demolish the Libyan oil production facilities.

NATO attacked one of the largest petrochemical complex in Libya and ports in Brega to weaken the power of Libyan troops.

"By seizing the Libyan-owned oil facilities, we weaken the mobility of Libyan troops and their present lack of supplies and support," said the British commander operating in Libya Admiral Harding, told ANI on Friday (08/07/2011).

When the troops ran out of supplies, they will be difficult to launch an attack to the east and moving westward. The opposition will have easy to go to Tripoli.

Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister, Khaled Kaim states, NATO increased pengebomannya to facilitate the rebels in gaining access to Tripoli.