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Jul 8, 2011

Spend A Premature Ponies Rp81 million for Operation

Cornwall - A pony in St Blazey, Cornwall, England, was born prematurely with state of crooked legs.

Minxy, born six weeks sooner so that her legs are not perfect. Minxy has legs bent.

Nevertheless, Joane Morris (29), the owner still love and sincerely care for her.

Joane even willing to spend money of 6,000 pounds or approximately Rp81, 6 million to fund operations Minxy feet. Dailymail reports on Friday (07/08/2011).

Joanne also was willing to sleep in his car for two weeks to make it easier postoperative care Minxy.

However, Joanne is now letting the horse that has only 44.7 centimeters high as high as it is to be in his house. It's better for Minxy for easy care.

"Every half an hour once Minxy should be given to its mother's milk. But he was not able to stand alone to go to its parent so it must be assisted," says Joanne.

"Conditions have not been normal Minxy legs. The legs should be wrapped Minxy to stand up straight and strong," he explained.