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Jul 8, 2011

The boy Malang It Must Wear Mask For 10 Years

BEIJING - Wang Gengxiang fate Poor guy (5), body burned and his head had almost no skin after the accident.

The boy was 10 years old must use a mask elastic and possibly have to spend 10 years to heal itself.

The boy fell into the flames of the burning of straw in his yard in Fenyang, Shanxi province, China. His scalp was almost no more left, so did his little finger.

Final image is obtained, he wore a white elastic protective headgear while playing with a dog and his toys.

Doctors said the operation could no longer continue because her throat has not been strong enough rod, is expected to take 10 more years.

"We have to wait dilated trachea, might be expected at the age of 14 or 19 years. It also depends on the situation," said hospital deputy director Shen Chuan'an Liberation Army, as reported by China Daily on Friday (08/07/2011).

His family had a funding problem must now be faced with future problems Wang, influence what will be felt because she was wearing a mask.

Kids his age are no longer willing to play with Wang because of his weird.

"His friends are now afraid of him. I have to buy food that they want to play with him," his father Wang Shouwu.

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