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Jul 12, 2011

Michelangelo Painting Found

A famous painting by Michelangelo from the Renaissance period was found in one dormitory at the University of Oxford, England. An expert on Italian painting, Antonio Forcellino, said that the paintings in Campion Hall is the work of Michelangelo.

Initially painting depicting the crucifixion of Christ was allegedly the work of the painter Marcello Venusti, but studies using infrared technology showed that the painting is a work of great painters of the Renaissance. Similarly told BBC Indonesia, Tuesday (12 / 7)

Proctor Campion Hall, Father Brendan Callaghan, said the work was very beautiful Micheleanglo. "That painting is very beautiful but too expensive to put on our wall," he said. The painting entitled Crucifixion With The Madonna, St John And Two Angels Mourning has now been transferred to the Ashmolean Museum.

Father Callaghan Brencan Antonio Forcellino pleased with the findings and understand hang in their dorm is not a good idea. "Its value for three years I became leader of the dormitory has gone up tenfold, even if it is not by Michelangelo.

But he realized that the findings were certainly going to be pros and cons among art historians. In his book entitled The Lost Michelangelos, Forcellino said, "No person other than Michelangelo could paint a masterpiece like that." The painting was bought by Campion Hall through auction at Sotheby's in the 1930s.