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Jul 12, 2011

Two Americans Kidnapped in Philippines

Two U.S. citizens and their relatives were kidnapped by gunmen in the southern Philippines. Flocks consisting of 14 people suspected gunmen kidnapped 50-year-old woman, her son, and nephew Filipinos from a resort area on the island Tictabon.

Some reports said the woman is the owner of the resort area and he was in the Philippines for a vacation. Tictabon located in the southern Philippines, where separatist rebels and Muslim militants operate.

Local police chief Edwin de Ocampo said the herd of attackers arrived in two boats at 03.00 hours local time Tuesday (12 / 7) morning and disabling an armed guard before fleeing with the third victim as well. Thus was launched the BBC Indonesia.

Commander of the army anti-terrorist task force in Zamboanga City Philippines, not far from the location of the abduction, Buenaventura Pascual, said the woman arrived two weeks ago to visit relatives. Pascual also said the troops had been deployed to find people who are kidnapped.

Officials said the kidnappers have not made a ransom demand, and their identity is still unknown. According to de Ocampo, several Muslim rebel groups operating in the region where the abduction occurred.

Abu Sayyaf militant group active in the same region and had been known to kidnap people for ransom. Rebel Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) are also beropasi in the region.