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Jul 12, 2011

Listen! Pun Not Happy Hookers Richest top job

Although it has been generating a lot of money and property from the profession as an upmarket prostitute, Ashley Paige pleaded not happy for what he can.
As a lady escort (female companion), Ashley has been producing luxury home in North London, sports cars, money in bank deposits amounting to 300 thousand pounds (about USD 4.2 billion), and several plastic surgery who spend billions. Variety adequacy of the material make it as a prostitute richest.
Ashley did not initially intend to become a woman calls, but it must be gone through since her dreams of becoming a lawyer, but his parents say there is no cost to send her to school to university.
"I've made £ 300,000 as a Hooker. But I Would not say I was happy (I make 300 thousand poundterling as a prostitute. But I will not say that I'm happy)," Ashley said as quoted from .
Ashley was first explained his foray into the world-Esek Esek after a friend invited her to join the agency lady escorts in London.
The first "work", Ashley assess the job is far from luxury. His first client was an obese attorney who comes from the Travelodge. After making love, Ashley told the lawyer snoring on her back with her mouth odor. However, Ashley remains "grateful" because at least get some money.
Unpleasant experiences more experienced Ashley is serving its clients in a hotel full of cockroaches. When his client was forced into his clothes before having sex.
After two months of her work, Ashley has been pocketing the money of two thousand pounds, or when it is about USD 28 million. Initially with the money he wants to enroll in university, but failed to do because there are other agencies who offer thousand pounds 5000-10 income per booking and the opportunity to travel around the world.
Switching agency makes Ashley began to see a client class. At that time he served the American businessman who took her dinner in the Michelin restaurant in Mayfair, London. Businessman Ashley also bought a black dress and a bunch of flowers before him sleep disebuah hotel for a fee of 5000 pounds overnight.
"It turns out that business people already have a wife. I imagine how his wife if he knew we were drinking wine and eating dinner together before ending up in bed," explained Ashley.
Of all his clients, Ashley's greatest work is now serving three Arab men in Abu Dhabi. Ashley serves three men at the Emirates Palace hotel which is a seven-star hotel where all the gold plated decks.
He said that Arab men like western women, and that night he paid 20 thousand pounds a night. His meeting with the girls in Abu Dhabi also reveals the story that there are many girls who became lady escort to get money is abundant.
In the final story, Ashley said he was tired of sleeping with more than 500 men. Ashley concluded from his work over the years, making him think not to trust men because they are all controlled by objects located between the crotch.
A severe trauma, because in reality, not all such men. Also, prostitution has caused negative effects are very bad for the rich whore.