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Jul 11, 2011

Got Clean, Husband and Wife Find Treasure

Millau - lucky couple, they found a treasure trove worth approximately Rp1, 2 billion.

Both were clean drains in her home. When digging they found 34 gold coins in a clay jug.

"The coins of gold was made ​​from 1595 until the French Revolution that began in 1789," said one expert as reported by the BBC on Monday (11/07/2011).

The most valuable coin made ​​in 1640, when the power of Louis XIII. cost is estimated at Rp78 million.

Coin expert, Marc Aigouy, said he was ready to organize an auction to sell the coins.

If there is a buyer of American and Japanese coins could be sold at Rp1, 2 billion.

In French law, couples are allowed to keep the treasure because it was found in their own land.