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Jul 11, 2011

Boy 5 Years Trained So Martyrs of Al Qaeda

KABUL - The Taliban militants unrelenting set a new way of fighting a war against the foreign coalition forces in Afghanistan. They were reportedly trained five-year-old boy becomes a martyr for al Qaeda.
Plain boy's face in Afghanistan, who do not understand the real meaning of world politics, as they turned into fierce hunting rifles ambushed holding AK-47. They are believed to be trained to go into battle, even when he has not been too strong to hold the weapon. So reported the Daily Mail, Monday (07/11/2011).
In video footage obtained by British troops serving in Afghanistan, it appears that most of the boy was five years old were practicing target shooting with shot not far from them.
Surprising to see a kid who should play with his friends, just practicing to be a martyr in a secret camp belonging to the Al Qaeda terrorist network. Besides trained to shoot, they are also trained to blow up buildings with bombs and a roadside bomb.
An army commander said that the Taliban increasingly heavy recruiting children as suicide bombers. These children also often used as human shields during the fighting between the Taliban by foreign coalition troops and Afghan security forces.
Taliban militants trained hundreds of these children into killers. They also underwent intensive training in North Waziristan, Pakistan before finally sent to the Afghan border, to confront the coalition forces.
Most of these children are from ethnic Uighur Chinese, who fled from the Bamboo Curtain country to settle in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Recruitment of child soldiers is not new by the Taliban. Previously Intelligence Afghanistan disclose the testimony of a boy about what didoktrinkan Taliban him. The boy admitted that he would be bomber bubuh themselves.
Afghan intelligence officials say the Taliban have changed their target to be young boys, because they are more easily indoctrinated than adults. The boy is also easier to believe what the Taliban said.
However, the Taliban denied the allegations. Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi said, if the use of children under age and they lived in the centers of the military, then it is included in the violation of code of ethics.
Last month, an eight-year-old girl killed by a bomb in a bag he was carrying exploded. girl is intentionally used as couriers by a group of men suspected Taliban militants.
At that time, the boy intends to give the bag containing the bomb to the police in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. However, the effort failed attack killed the police officer who becomes a target. As a result, only a poor little girl was killed by a bomb he was carrying.