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Jul 9, 2011

Fred Save Face Brazil

CIUDAD de Cordoba - Brazil avoid a humiliating defeat over Paraguay after successfully forcing a 2-2 draw. Compete at the stadium Mario Alberto Kempes, Brazil played less lost, and could miss 2-1 until Fred finally equalized in the final minutes of the match on Sunday (10/07/2011).
The two teams both played attacking from the whistle blowing. The mood contrasts visible in front of the position players of both teams, with Brazil's Pato, who rely on younger, while Paraguay is still relying on their aging bomber, Roque Santa Cruz.
Unfortunately both teams seem to be difficult to develop their game after the minutes passed. In fact, both teams bring a lot of physical contact that leads to a rough game.
Minute 38 supporters cheered Brazil because of a shot from outside the penalty box failed to reach by Paraguay goalkeeper Justo Villar. Kick itself off by Jadson Rodrigues and create a blank excel Selecao of Paraguay.
Goal was to make the game more daring Paraguay openly attacked. While the goals also affect the game play more loose retainer Brasi to serve aggressiveness Paraguay failed to equalize until half-time whistle referee ditiupakan Wilmar Roldan.
Entering the second half, Paraguay try to take the initiative by pressing play. The Brazilian defense who fronted Lucio, Thiago Silva, Dani Alves and Andre Santos is still too strong to penetrate the Paraguayan players.
Relentless efforts of the Players Paraguay finally paid off in minute 54. Preoccupation attack makes the Brazilian back line off guard, and utilized by Roque Santa Cruz to convert Marcelo Estigarribia sweet feed.
Rather than add a goal, the retainer must wince seeing Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar back breaking in minute 67. Starting from the error of a Brazilian defender in keeping the ball, Roque Santa Cruz managed to steal the ball and sent it to Nelson Valdez. Valdez had been due to kick the ball successfully ignored by the feet of one player and Brazil but instead bounced into the net himself.
Luckily there was a Fred in the Brazil squad. 27-year-old managed to become the savior after Paraguay goalkeeper saved his shot failed in minute 89, and forcing the action is closed with a 2-2 draw, and make the two teams both have a point.
The composition of players:BRAZIL-Julio Cesar, Lúcio, Dani Alves, Andre Santos, Thiago Silva, Ramires (Lucas Leiva/70 '), Jadson (Elano/46'), Paulo Henrique Ganso, Alexandre Pato, Neymar (Fred/82 ')
PARAGUAY, J. Villar, P. da Silva, D. Verón, A. Torres, A. Alcaraz, C. Riveros (V. Caceres / 68 '), N. Ortigoza, E. Vera, M. Estigarribia (O. Martínez / 79 '), R. Santa Cruz, L. Barrios (N. Haedo Valdéz/52 ')

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