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Jul 12, 2011

After surgery Saudi prince in coma at New York Hospital

Saudi Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, the replacement candidate Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, a coma after undergoing surgery at a hospital in New York. IRNA (12 / 7) report, a source who declined to name said, "Saudi prince's coma on Wednesday (6 / 7), several hours after surgery, cancer of unspecified type. Until this moment he is still unconscious and no signs of progression or indication that he will recover. "

The source did not provide further details about the Saudi prince's condition and refused her name published. Prince Sultan, who has turned the 80's, previously served as the Saudi defense minister for 50 years ago. Now he is facing cancer for several years and in 2009, he spent all his time in many American hospitals.

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz also underwent medical treatment in the United States in November 2010. On the other hand, Prince Nayef who was second possible successor King Abdullah, also experience health problems. He has been treated intensively in the last 20 months. Prince Nayef is 78 years old and in 35 years ago, he served as interior minister.

Problem of who will be the successor of King Abdullah, has become a sensitive issue in Saudi Arabia. Many observers stating that the power struggle within the al-Saud family will be more tapered replacement candidate after all kings, old and ailing parents.

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