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Jul 12, 2011

Menstrual blood, Can Treat Heart Disease?

The cardiologist from Japan's Keio University School of Medicine managed to find interesting facts. They succeeded in developing stem cells (stem cells) or stem cells from menstrual blood to treat heart disorders.
Based on his research, Japanese scientists used a sample of menstrual blood from nine female respondents. Blood samples are then developed for about a month in the laboratory of the university.
Initially, approximately 20% of the cells spontaneously began to attack each other after three days was collected in culture in vitro with cells from rat heart. Cells menstrual blood eventually formed sheet-like network of cardiac muscle tissue.
"The average kesuksessannya 100 times higher than the 0.2 to 0.3 percent of stem cells taken from human bone," said one scientist, Shunichiro Miyoshi.
The results, continued Miyoshi, showed that mice who suffered heart attacks were the improved condition after receiving the cells resulting from the menstrual blood.
"In the near future, probably will create a system that will allow women to use it for their own treatment," he explained.
Miyoshi explained, by using blood from the body itself will be able to solve major problems of using these cells, the immune system that are often denied the presence of cells.
"Menstrual blood could be used to build up supplies of the cells and has a variety of protein identification matches the network or human leukocyte antigen (HLA), which is also an important part of the human immune system," he explained.
"These cells can be stored for a long time in a tube the size of fingers, and can also be developed as necessary," he said.
Stem cells are considered as key because these cells can develop into various cell types. Stem cells are also potentially huge help repair damaged cells, tissues, even though the body's organs.
In the proper sense, continued Miyoshi, cells or connective tissue was harvested from the blood of menstruation or menstruation, can not be automated, so-called stem cells (stem cells) which can turn into different cell types in the body.
"But they have a high potential to develop into muscle cells, by directing the blood in the nick of time used to treat disease in the muscles shrink," he concluded.

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