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Jul 10, 2011

800 naked in Belgium Pillow War

BRUSSELS - 800 men and women headlong without any piece of clothing in a pillow fight in Brussels, Belgium. This is a form of installation art from artists United States (U.S.) Spencer Tunick.

On behalf of the arts, installation, entitled "Sleeping Beauties" was held at Castle Gaasbeek, which is located approximately six miles from the Belgian capital, Brussels. Tunick's work is far more explores the naked body of men and women in public places.

His work time is certainly surprising to see a plain body without any clothes, each time using a pillow. Less 800 people pillow fight seemed to enjoy it without feeling uncomfortable going to their smooth bodies. So reported the Daily Mail on Sunday (07/10/2011).

Action nyeleneh 800 naked man was later immortalized by Tunick in a photograph. He also set naked volunteers pose in how the war ended with a pillow.

Seems not too difficult to arrange for Tunick art installation. The proof, such as 800 people freely and feel comfortable with her body without clothes and covered together in the environment outside the castle.

Remarkably, Tunick does not cost much to finish this art installation. He even just pay them a limited edition photograph as compensation.

Spencer Tunick is known for giving work naked from the familiar interpretation of his art. Initially he took nude photos of the object at a school in Dulwich, London, England. Over time, Tunick also increasingly have a crazy idea to take photographs of the location of an unusual object.

Nude project he ever did was in Mexico some time ago. It was approximately 18 thousand people, willing to be photographed nude in downtown Mexico City. This ambitious project he called the Zocalo.