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Jul 10, 2011

Admit Southern Sudan, Israel Economic Package Offer

JERUSALEM - Israel recognizes the existence of the newly independent state, South Sudan. Not only acknowledges the existence of this new state, Israel has also offered economic aid package.

"I declare that Israel is officially recognized South Sudan," said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted as saying by Reuters on Sunday (07/10/2011).

Netanyahu's government expects the latest country to break away from Sudan, can succeed in the future. Do not miss the he expressed readiness to provide assistance to Southern Sudan.

"Israel hoped for success (for Southern Sudan). The country continues to uphold peace and we would love to work together to Southern Sudan continues to grow and prosper," he continued.

Previously, Sudan devastated by civil war overwritten. The war between North Sudan and South Sudan. Millions of lives lost due to the war. South Sudan Juba himself chose the City as its capital.

Violence in Sudan during the war increased. Abyei town which is a border city often dijarahi and burned. The residents of Abyei fled to South Sudan.

The amount of oil reserves in Abyei to the seizure of Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan. May had been a battle between the forces of both countries. Southern Sudan still claim Abyei, but the government is controlled by the Northern Sudan is dominated by Muslim Arabs.