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Jul 10, 2011

7 deminers Decapitated in Afghanistan

KABUL - Seven deminers in Afghanistan is found in tragic circumstances without heads, having previously been reported kidnapped. All seven deminers were included in the 28 people who were abducted last Wednesday, July 6.

When abducted, the team of deminers consisting of 28 people that are conducting mine clearance operations in Farah Province. The province is known as Taliban militants operating region. But since being kidnapped has been no party has claimed responsibility.
Now with the discovery of seven teams in the state of deminers severed, making the security forces continued to intensify the search for the rest of the team that kidnapped earlier.

"Seven deminers found with severed heads. We found one body while the remainder was found by a local chieftain (Farah Province)," said deputy provincial police chief Mohammad Ghaws Malyar Farah told AFP on Sunday (10/07/2011).

Malyar added, the fate of a team of deminers abducted another still unknown until now. While the kidnapping was reported in the district of Bala Buluk, while the perpetrators of the kidnapping is not yet well known.

Since the Taliban regime was destroyed by the invasion forces the United States (U.S.) in 2001, the kidnapping of Afghans and foreigners continue to rise. Not infrequently, the abductees were released after the kidnappers received the ransom.

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