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Jul 9, 2011

Grandma is Living Without Money

BERLIN - A German grandmother living in a healthy, prosperous, and happy after he donated all his money 15 years ago.

Heidemarie Schwermer, left his home in Dortmund and is currently walking from town to town only armed with briefcases, cell phones, and laptops.

"I have found a way how to live without money, I can get whatever I need to barter and get a gift," said 69-year-old widow, told the Orange on Saturday (07/09/2011).

Schwermer, which has released a book titled "The Star Money Experiment" refused to accept royalties from book publishers.

"I told my publisher to donate royalties, it will create happiness for many people," he added.

Schwermer left his house in 1996 and then when his children left him because of the attitude that annoyed Schwermer against a greedy society.

"I have never lacked food, clothing or even a friend and I were not stressed. I am not ruled by money, taxes or greed," he said

"I am even more healthy, since 15 years, I never went to the doctor and I stay healthy, I do not even have to worry about my future, I enjoy every second of my life," he said.