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Jul 4, 2011

Undo Performance Dental Uruguay

BUENOS AIRES - Back seeded team failed to show his class at the Copa America.After Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay now turn to gain points that nevertheless perfect in the first game.
Kinship with Argentina, Uruguay was hardly bear the shame when berhadapana with Peru in the qualifying match of Group C Copa America on Tuesday (07/05/2011) morning GMT. Predicted to achieve full points, Luis Suarez et al actually left earlier by Guerrero scored on 23 minutes. Luckily, Suarez menyemalatkan face Uruguay few moments ahead of the break.
La Celeste Uruguay-nickname-show hit since the kick off whistle sounded. Diego Forlan instantly creates a golden opportunity in seven minutes. Shown as a winger, Forlan successfully releasing tembahan toward the goal, but the cut-back in Peru.
Shortly cooperation Forlan-Edinson Cavani-Suarez making Uruguay fans cheered almost if not Cavani kick wide on the goalposts. La Celeste dominated the game until the middle of the fight. However, opponents rearguard discipline made by Oscar Tabarez make the team failed to score.
In the midst of incessant bombarding rearguard Peru, Uruguay quick goals just surprised Guerrero. Starting from behind the attacks, Guerrero escaped the offside trap and pass through two defenders Uruguay. Goalkeeper Fernando Muslera were helpless to stop the rate of Guerrero, who calmly struck the ball into the goal.
A goal down seemed to make La Celeste increasingly hot. Trio Forlan, Suarez and Cavani again spearheading to mess up the rearguard lawab. Numerous opportunities are created Forlan who look impressive in this match. Unfortunately, his efforts have not been able to equalize.
La Celeste anticipated goal that came just before halftime. Individual skills as shown Suarez scored the equalizer. Lodeiro feed cooked from Liverpool striker exploited a pass defender to lunge into the penalty box. Suarez also created a beautiful goal.
Not many changes were made both teams in the second half. However, Peru was almost double the current position in the 56th minute volley Advincula makes Muslera fall up to save the goal.
Forlan again failed to convert a golden opportunity on 69 minutes. Action one-two-Suarez Forlan almost goalkeeper Fernandez. However, left-foot shot through goalkeeper Suarez yet.
Peru did not remain silent with a barrage of attacks launched by Uruguay. Guerrero gave a sweet feed to substitute, Vargas. But his kick was wide and failed to force Muslera picked up the ball from the net.
Guerrero returned Muslera surprise in the final minutes of the game. His header was wide from a narrow angle on the crossbar. Score was again occur at 1-1 at the Estadio del Bicentario.
Of the five games that have acted throughout the Copa America, four games end in a draw. The only victory is when the bend Colombia Costa Rica 1-0. Meanwhile, before Argentina drew 1-1 contra Bolivia, Brazil held a series without a goal by Venezuela.Similar results were also achieved contra Ecuador Paraguay which ended with a score of glasses.