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Jul 10, 2011

Spread the Anti-Jihad, Wilders U.S. Kafirkan Failed!

Nashville (AP) - A hotel in Nashville rejected a conference which was originally to be held in place for security reasons. The Conference invited the controversial Dutch politician and filmmaker Fitna
A group called New Classic Review in January signed a contract to use the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel for a two-day conference called "understanding the Jihad in Israel, Europe and America."
Geert Wilder's Fitna film maker who has been accused of insulting Muslims will be the keynote speaker. The film is offensive to Islam and banned from entering Britain Wilders.
In addition to a video presentation by Wilders, which presents the Holocaust author Richard L. Rubenstein, senior analyst of jihad, Hugh Fitzgerald, author of "Legacy of Jihad" Andrew G. Bostom, publisher of the New Classic Review of Rebecca Bynum, Chairman of the Center for the Study of Political Islam Bill Warner and Paul "Dave" Gaubatz, a former federal agency that guides research project on Islamic activities in the U.S. that "advocate terrorist acts against U.S. interests."
However, Gaubatz said that he was informed that the event organizers are getting some complaints to the hotel from the pro-Islamic, and he himself also received several threats.
He stated that the event will be moved to a new hotel.
Tom Negri, general manager, told the newspaper Tenessian that the cancellation was due to concern for the health and safety of hotel employees and guests. But he refused to explain further about the reason.
Rebecca Bynum, senior web editor of the New Classic Review, stating that there is no threat which means if the hotel does not invalidate the agreement.
"Cancel our meetings without the threat that is clearly a very interesting thing," according to Bynum.
The group's Web site states, "Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel afraid of intimidation and refused to host our event."
Bynum declared the Loews know the topics to be discussed at the meeting and worrisome security problems that might occur.
In the pages of The New Classic Review does not list a description and purpose Dario group itself.
Bynum stated that the organization aims to "raise awareness about the Jihad and all things associated with it, which is not entirely associated with violence."
The symposium begins on Friday, but only an invitation may attend the event.
Wilders has been invited to England for a special screening for the parliament that presents Fitna controversy because it violated his right to display the film.
"Fitna" bring the verses in the Qur'an that are combined with the terrorist attacks on 9 / 11, attacks in Madrid in 2004 and attacks in London in 2005.
The film called on Muslims to eliminate the clause "preachers of hate" from the Quran.
Since then, Wilders lives in a 24-hour police protection since 2004 because Al Qaeda was after him.
The program involves Gaubatz as a speaker on the subject of "The mujahedeen do not respect the weak," and Wilders would also subject the subject titled "Why I was in the American Struggle for Freedom of Speech."
"Obama said with full confidence that when talking about the Muslim world, he announced that, in the belief that unites us have been tightened."
Wilder's 17 minute documentary, "Fitna" which means "strife", equating the Koran with Hitler's manifesto, "Mein Kampf"
Judicial authorities in Amsterdam, recently confirmed that they will sue Wilders to account for what he relayed to the film "Fitna".
"Fitna", containing pictures of some Muslim leaders, including a cleric who demanded that all Jews beheaded.
Wilders released a film a year ago when the Dutch leaders fearful of a similar violent reaction of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
Previously expressed fear of criticism if the film presents scenes of the Quran being burned, but the ending offers a surprise.
When someone flipped the Koran, the voice sounded torn.
"The voice that you hear sound coming from the torn phone book. It's up to Muslims themselves whether they will rip rip their verses are full of hatred," the text that appears on the screen shows. "Stop Islamisation, Defend our Peace," the conclusion of the film.
Wilders has received several death threats. He gets protection from the police for 24 hours based on the murder in 2004 to Theo Van Gogh, the director who accuse Islam is a religion that justifies violence women.