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Jul 10, 2011

Dihimpit tension, North Korea - South Korea's Degree Secret Meeting

SEOUL (AP) - Reports say that the North and South Kora has held secret talks last week to set up an inter-Korean meeting after months of feuding.
The meeting was held in Singapore or China, as reported by South Korean newspaper, citing government sources on Friday.
On Thursday, South Korean television station, KBS, said Kim Yang-gon, an official with the North Korean border crossings menangnai affairs, traveled to Singapore to meet with South Korean officials.
Quoting intelligence sources, KBS said that Yang-gon make the visit while visiting China on October 15 to 20.
Union Minister of South Korea, Hyun In-taek, speaking before members of the legislature in an annual parliamentary audit held by the ministry on the same day. He declined to comment on media coverage that mentions about the secret meeting.
He only said that his government is open in welcoming the inter-Korean meeting. "Regarding the meeting (North-South Korea), we must consider various things, such as the development of the North Korean nuclear issue and the possibility jujurr relationship between the two countries," he said.
Correspondents say that negotiations are deadlocked after North Korea refused to accept the proposal of South Korea who filed Seoul as a meeting location. Both sides had held a dialogue in 2000 and 2007 and approved a series of reconciliation and economic projects.
Joong Ang Ilbo newspaper reported something similar on Friday. South Korean government refused to comment about the meeting. "We can not respond to the news and for now can not meengatakan nothing about inter-Korean meeting," said presidential spokesman told AFP.
"There are a number of reports of secret talks between Korea, although authorities deny it. We would like (President Lee) to address this issue openly," said board member from the opposition party, Park Joo-sung, in a parliamentary session on Friday.
The new developments surfaced after a tension between the two countries regarding the development plan of Pyongyang's nuclear and missile.
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, has previously said that he was willing to meet with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, anytime. He promised the process "transparent" while encouraging an inter-Korean meeting.
North and South Korea relations have ups and downs in recent months. After experiencing a slump after the President of the Conservatives, Lee Myung-bak, took office in February 2008. Relations between the two camps is getting worse cal North Korea held a nuclear test in May.
However, the death of former leader Selata Korea, Kkim Dae-jung, sparked a new phase of reconciliation between the two countries.
North Korea and South Korea to free the prisoners, to loosen restrictions on operation of the combined industry of both countries, sent envoys to talk with President Lee and allow the family reunion program separated by borders.
Media speculation about a possible meeting between the two countries are becoming increasingly tight blows from Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao met with Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang in early October last.
Meanwhile, North Korea's nuclear negotiator, Ri Gun, was heading for U.S. negotiators to meet with Sam's uncle and considering the resumption of negotiations to discuss the North Korean nuclear.

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