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Jul 9, 2011

So the State of New South Sudan

Juba - South Sudan has become the latest country in the world after her independence from Sudan.

South Sudan Juba town chose as its capital. Residents cheered and they were chanting the name of its first president Salva Kiir. A man kneeled down and kissed the ground and the other group singing on the street.

"Ah, I am free!" said a police officer Daniel Deng, as quoted by the Associated Press on Saturday (07/09/2011).

Previously, civil war broke out in Sudan. The war between North Sudan and South Sudan that is now celebrating its independence. Millions of lives were killed by the war.

Violence in Sudan during the war increased. Abyei town which is a border city often dijarahi and burned. The residents of Abyei fled to South Sudan. UN peacekeepers also become the target of attacks in the war.

Abyei town was then a struggle between North and South Sudan in May because the city is believed to have oil reserves.