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Jul 12, 2011

OMG! Olivia Zalianty So the wife Siri Adang Daradjatun

Female tabloid edition II/2011 026/Tahun written subhead Olivia Z Betel By Adang Daradjatun Marriage? Known to disturb the peace of the sentence was the daughter of a senior artist Liz Tetty Indriaty it. When asked for confirmation about the truth of the news, Oliv, was usually called, was surprised and felt weird.

"Lha crazy, that's not entirely bener! I am confused too. Strange, there is essentially no news. Political problems or what I do not understand well, "said Olivia Zalianty laugh.

Oliv a Monday (11 / 7) night, performing Theatrical Poetry Reading Then I work Radhar Panca Dahana at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, with its theater Empty Nugie and Barry Manilow, felt aggrieved by the news was unfounded.

But the younger brother of Marcella Zalianty artist chose to be silent and will not take legal action. The reason is, there are still many activities that must be solved, rather than just taking care about the gossip that is not clear.

"I think there is importance not addressed. And if you could have enlivened, however I would choose the silent because I do a lot of activities. So do not mind to be addressed. For example if we want all behind the attack could have been because the news was not held in accordance with the agreement of time shooting there, "he explained.

While it mentioned whether he was familiar with Adang, a former deputy chief that, Oliv nodded, even though they have never met in person.

"Never see you, ya know. Kan, tomorrow is also present here the politicians are invited, "he admits.

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