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Jul 11, 2011

Neymar Agents Upset at Barcelona

SANTOS - Agent Neymar da Silva Santos, Wagner Ribeiro, the more convinced to bridge the negotiating his client's move to Real Madrid. One of the main reasons is because he was upset with Barcelona as the behavior of other enthusiasts.

Described by Ribeiro that the same is the case with Los Blancos, Los Azulgranas camps also have to approach Neymar. But the difference between La Liga champions were being impolite to talk directly to Neymar and did not ask her permission first.

As the owner, Santos was invited such action. But ethically it should still report it to the agent the targeted player.

"I do not like the way Sandro Rosell (Barcelona president). He spoke directly to Neymar and father when with the Brazilian national team, "Ribeiro said with exasperation.

"Since Santos allow Madrid or Barca talk directly, they should ask permission to me first. I was Neymar agent, "as quoted Tribalfootball ketusnya, Monday (11/07/2011).

As for Madrid, Ribeiro admitted that he had quite familiar with their behavior because it had previously been negotiating about the transfer of Robinho. From experience it is also the agent said they were satisfied and willing to encourage the implementation of the transfer to the Santiago Bernabeu Neymar.

"I'm happy to negotiate with Madrid. I am very familiar with Florentino Perez since he asked for Robinho from Santos be some years ago, "she exclaimed. "So if asked to choose, of course I can mention Madrid," said Ribeiro.