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Jul 11, 2011

Menotti: The figure of a Unique Guardiola

BARCELONA - Cesar Luis Menotti who coached Argentina in the period 1978 to 1983, expressed his admiration for the current Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola. For Menotti, the coach is usually called Pep was the main reason behind the success of Barca in the last few years.

In the hands of Pep, Barca has collected three La Liga titles and two Champions League trophies. Pep himself began to take over the Blaugrana captain, nicknamed Barcelona, since 2008. Menotti enjoyed the magical power of Pep and he deserves much praise.

"It has been proven that Pep is more important than the players," Menotti said as reported by Goal on Monday (7/11/2011).

There are some players that became a phenomenon after her appearance raised Pep. Call it Gerard Pique or Pedro Busquets. Menotti then resume his opinion, this time he compares Pep Guardiola with Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho.

According to 40-year-old coach is very different from the Portuguese coach. "Guardioala has a unique figure," he continued.

"There are some big differences between them, although this time they figure that are equally important in the field. There are many coaches like Mourinho, but nothing like Guardiola, "he concluded.