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Jul 11, 2011

Murdoch Bids Requested Reviewed New Media Buy Back

LONDON - The British government asked the media regulator to review the offer of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who was about to take over British television BSkyB. The review was prompted after one of its media phone tapping scandal.
The scandal has provided new political pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron, who of course has led to public outrage over the behavior of some journalists, police, and politicians.
While demand for reconsideration filed the British Government to British media regulator Ofcom. In fact, Ofcom is currently undertaking an assessment of the suitability of News Corps led Murdoch to buy BSkyB.
Top stock purchase plans of BSkyB and News Corp is decreasing, it is not out of relation to phone tapping scandal by the News of the World, which is also owned by News Corp..
BSkyB shares fell by 7 percent note on market opening in New York last week. While shares of News Corp. reportedly fell 5 percent in the same trade.
"We believe the planned purchase will be canceled," said Panmure Gordon analyst Alex DeGroot told Reuters on Monday (7/11/2011). But Murdoch did not show the back of this purchase plan.
While jegalan on the planned purchase by Murdoch's BSkyB kept flowing. Ed Miliband Labour Party leadership intends to force a parliamentary vote this week, which aimed to block the plan from the Australian media tycoon.
Surely purchase plan 61 percent of BSkyB shares worth $ 14 billion or approximately Rp119, 3 trillion (Rp8, 522 per dollar) will continue to get jegalan.
Minister Jeremy Hunt, British media have written a letter to the regulator Ofcom to seek a review of BSkyB purchase. A review is required to be done until the investigation into the case of telephone intercepts made News of the World can be completed this weekend.
Indeed the case of the News of the World continues to shake the British. Media that has been operating 168 years was finally closed on Sunday, July 10 yesterday. Murdoch flew to London to save the chief editor of the News of the World Rebbeca Brooks from investigating the case.
The biggest scandal in the British media world is getting hot, when the casualty list grew longer intercepts, and anyone who intercepted the more astonishing. Police are investigating the source of the case stated that no less than 4,000 names on the list of victims of wiretapping.