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Jul 11, 2011

Toxic Gas Leak, 2 Thousand Evacuated Residents Bulgaria

Sofia - Bulgaria Approximately 2300 residents were evacuated after toxic gas leaked from a truck carrying gas. The truck was known to be involved in a highway accident which caused the gas tank is leaking.

Immediately after the tanker truck that overturned and leaking, stirene gas commonly used in the plastics industry and affect the air leak in the City Debelet.

It's a truck coming from Turkey and Romania towards it, crashes near the city. Direct result 2300 residents were evacuated by the government to avoid the bad things that might happen. Similarly, AFP reported on Monday (7/11/2011).

Currently Department of Environmental Control Bulgaria continues to oversee the toxic vapors produced by a tank containing a poisonous gas. While the fire truck kebarakan continue flushing with water as a means for distributing gas.

Firefighters are also referred to actions so as not to form more toxic vapors, given the temperature in the city reached 35 degrees celsius.

Not to adaanya reports of casualties or get hurt badly due to these toxic gases. Until now, there are no reports of respiratory problems reported by residents.