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Jul 10, 2011

Israeli Foreign Minister: Do not Believe the U.S. Promises

JERUSALEM - Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman back to show its opposition to the Palestinians and the United States (U.S.).
In an interview with local media of Israel, Lieberman said that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is too imposing its will on Israel.
"The attitude of Abbas is now the loudest implemented to Israel since the Oslo agreement," said Foreign Minister Lieberman told Israel Radio Sunday, as quoted israelnationalnews, Sunday (07/10/2011).
At the same time, Lieberman urged his country not to rely on the United States. "Israel should not depend on the securing of America. Despite their promises good to hear, but in the past that promise proved ineffective," he continued.
Lieberman cited the weakness of the U.S. pledge since Israel withdrew its troops from Gaza and the Philadelphia route which lies adjacent to the border of Israel and Palestine.
Minister who is known as a hard-line Jewish leaders also commented on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. For Lieberman, Erdogan did not have the desire to improve relations with Israel.
This 53-year-old man accused Turkey of deliberately embarrass Israel over their foreign policy so far. He also considered that Turkey deliberately interfere with the Palestinian-Israeli issue, through its influence internationally.
Rated as a controversial figure in Israel, Lieberman is also known as the official who has always escaped the corruption and criminal charges. He was accused of corruption and money laundering while still on the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.
The case most attention is when he hit a boy 12 years, just because the kid is beating up the son of Lieberman in 1999. He was sentenced to a fine of 10 thousand shekels, but in the end only provides compensation to child victims in the amount of 7.500 shekels.
He is also widely known as an anti-Arab politician. Speech and behavior are attacking Arabs and even Israel's Arab citizens considered local and foreign media, as a racist act. Some foreign media have even referred to as being a racist despite having a high sense of nationalism.