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Jul 12, 2011

Irfan and Jennifer Admit His marriage on Twitter

Irfan pesebakbola wedding news and model Jennifer Kurniawan, Friday, July 8, 2011 and finally acknowledged the pair. Both publish their wedding on twitter account.

Jennifer through her ​​account JenniferBachdim greet the tweeps (twitter users), Wednesday (07/13/2011) morning. Good morning. Sorry for lettin you soo long wait but I was very busy with the wedding preparation.And yes its true Irfan and me are married.

Matching chirp also written Irfan 16 hours earlier. Through her ​​account IrfanBachdim10 Irfan replied to twitter fans.

Thank everybody for the sweet tweets! And YESSS im married with Jenny! Sorry for lettin u wait. But im back in indo!

Previously, the certainty of married couples Irfan and Jennifer Hester delivered Bachdimkepada Radio Netherlands. A day ahead of the D-Day, Irfan's mother stating it welcomed the happy day.

This marriage had reportedly had opposed because of differences in beliefs. However, Irfan family in the Netherlands rejected the objection Bachdim big family party in Indonesia.
Previously it was rumored that the young couple's wedding plans could lead to the pros and cons of large families Bachdim with different reasons for conviction and did not know the candidate.