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Jul 19, 2011

Gymnastics Cause in the South Building Vibrate

SEOUL - Earlier this month South Korea (ROK) was struck by a severe shock without cause for 10 minutes. After investigation, it turns out the building was shaking for a bunch of people doing Tae Bo exercises.

Shocks experienced by building shopping malls in the city of Seoul TechnoMart 5 July last, had panicked residents who were in the building. It was not known what the cause of the building shook, because there were no reports that the earthquake occurred.

Researchers in South Korea said the building has 39 floors, the sway that a group of people doing Tae Bo exercises in building the shopping center. Tae Bo itself is an exercise that involves aerobic movements combined with martial arts taekwondo boxing at high speed.

Professor Chung Lan of the University in Yongin Danguk rate, the turmoil it has to do with gymnastics Tae-bo is. He considered an association that is consistent with the physics in an incident causing the stampede. Similarly, AFP reported on Tuesday (19/07/2011).

According to his research, Professor Chung, who found that the building was swaying caused by vibrations in building structures that occur in conjunction with other sources of vibration.

Chung added, which occurs in this TechnoMart building, very related to the construction of steel and cement building that has the same characteristics with the frequency of movements by a group of people while doing Tae Bo exercises.

As a result, the frequency of vibration of the Tae Bo exercise in synergy with the construction of buildings cause turbulence in the building. As a result, hundreds of directly running thought the middle of an earthquake at that time.

After the incident, the local government ordered the shopping center was closed. But after a while and then reopened after experts said the building was structurally safe. While Tae-Bo exercise studio inside the building is still closed.