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Jul 1, 2011

Gaddafi's daughter: My father is the symbol & Guidance!

Tripoli - Libyan leader Moammar only daughter Gaddafi, Ayesha Gaddafi, stand upwhile saying that his father is a symbol and a guide for Libyan society.

"This is country, land, and people. Where he should go? One thing that you (the Westand NATO) must know, my father is a symbol and guiding the community," saidAyesha told CNN on Friday (07/01/2011).

The comment was uttered Ayesha seranga terkait100 day NATO.

Moammar Gaddafi received criticism from the international community due to the outbreak of the demonstration by the opposition.

The opposition plans to topple the current powers Khadafi 42-year-old.

Ayesha has accused NATO is a war criminal who targeted his father in Tripoli, killingfour-month-old daughter, and kills his brother.

"I am not hiding, and I was at home, but you just saw. I lost my daughter and my brother due to bombardment. Everyone who has a heart would know what I feel," saidAyesha.

Ayesha who had menima science in France also condemned the Fashion District.

"I do not think this country end up killing my brother and family," he said.

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