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Jul 11, 2011

Gaddafi attacks emanated Reply

Tripoli - Libyan troops launched a counterattack against the rebels in the southeast of Tripoli. Dozens of rockets launched by Libyan troops into the village Gualish.

Rebels survive Libya and Libyan troops returned fire with anti-tank weapons to maintain its position in the village of Gualish, which is a strategic access to go to Tripoli, such as reported by AFP on Monday (11/07/2011).

A few hours later, planes from NATO immediately launched bombardirnya. NATO troops to do 48 attacks focused on Misrata, while the rebels also attacked Ziltan the Libyan army base. One person was killed and 32 other rebels were wounded by landmines planted by Libyan troops.

Ziltan is a base for attacking Misrata Libyan troops now occupied by the rebels. Currently rebels are seeking to enter the besieged Tripoli and Gaddafi.

Despite repeatedly bombarded by NATO forces remain capable Libya launched a counterattack against the rebels. A few days ago, the oil facilities which supply troops have also been taken over by Libya, but Libyan forces launched an attack to survive.

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