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Aug 24, 2011

Garuda Denies Nude Stewardess Interview

JAKARTA - Garuda Indonesia Airlines (GI) dismissed the news stating, 18 female South Korean (ROK) is rumored to be interviewed in a state of half-naked.

"Garuda carry out health checks on prospective cabin crew in accordance inspection standards that apply in the Garuda Indonesia flight," said Corporate Communications GI Pujobroto, Wednesday (24/08/2011).

Parties of Garuda Indonesia, adding that doctors perform activities in accordance with professional standards and oath bound doctor. Doctors are also always accompanied by local staff women from South Korea.

The process of selection of 27 candidates for flight attendants in Korea has also implemented haruda Indonesia on July 27, 2011 and five of them did not pass the participants to follow the subsequent stages of selection.

Previously, the news came from the South Korean mass media stating candidates Garuda Indonesia flight attendants were ordered to disarm his clothes except his underwear. This provision is done as a reason for medical examination. Did not miss their breasts checked, if they do breast implants, it would endanger keslamatan flight attendant while on duty in the air.