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Jul 11, 2011

De Jong: City Changing Opinion Many People

MANCHESTER - City midfielder Nigel de Jong believes the success of the City could cause a range of reactions and opinions. Pillars of Dutch origin is the view that Manchester City are a team that loved once hated in the Premier League.

Eastlands forces has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the top, abundant funding from the City owner, Sheik Mansour become critical success factors for The Citizens.

City architect, Roberto Mancini also has spent money transfers without limit. This maneuver was as large correlated with achievement, the City successfully occupied the third position in the Premier League standings last season. They had the right to play in the Champions League 2010/11 season.

De Jong believes, City of success so far beyond the expectations of many people. What is more successful his team might be able to influence the opinion of its competitors. One of them, the hatred that has been achieved kesuksekan City.

"We have taken over the role of Chelsea and nobody wants us to reach success," said De Jong told the Manchester Evening News, Monday (11/07/2011).

Referring to the successful City last season that won the FA Cup trophy, according to De Jong became a magnet a number of potential players to play with City.

"After we won the FA Cup I feel there is a change in attitude. City still remains the club worked hard and we have to stay that way. But we gradually get better players with more international appeal, "he said.
"It's all about forming a team that will be one of the top clubs in Europe. All that will not happen in a year and everyone realizes that we remain extremely ambitious but realistic, "he concluded.