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Jul 11, 2011

Colombia's Falcao Interagency Group Winner

SANTA FE - Falcao Dwigol goal against Bolivia led Colombia topped the Copa America Group A standings. Colombia became the first team to ensure themselves the next round of qualifying.
Colombia appear perfect in the closing match of Group A thanks to a 2-0 win over Bolivia at the Estadio Brigadier General Estanislao Lopez, Monday (11/07/2011) morning GMT. Two goals in the first round Falcao not only give the maximum points, but also led Bolivia to the top of Group A.
Colombia appear calm since the early minutes of the game. The team made Hernand Gomez able to master the game, though looks difficulty penetrating the dense rearguard Bolivia.
Colombia finally celebrate the opening goal in minute 15. Starting from a counterattack, Falcao escaped from the trap off-side and facing one on one with goalkeeper Arias.
Striker who is now targeted by a number of European clubs kick off at once directed to bring Colombia's Aria outwit 1-0.
These advantages make Colombia more spirited rearguard pounded opponents. But, discipline back row while the opponent makes Arias wicket without conceding more goals.
Bolivia began to find form 20 minutes into the game. Unfortunately, poor finishing forced Bolivia failed to score.
Instead of pursuing a goal, it re-pierced Bolivia. Armero squeezed into the line of Bolivia and forced the Amador defense made a mistake in a restricted area.
The referee also pointed to the spot. Falcao who was appointed executor did not waste this opportunity. Hard kick managed to tear the nets Arias.
Not many changes were made both teams in the second half. Bolivia nearly minimize the position on 54 minutes. Cooperation Garcia - Moreno Vaca provide feedback to create a line behind Colombia's topsy-turvy. However, Moreno's kick was wide over the crossbar.
Falcao again showed the skill of the individual. Rodallega managed to steal the ball from Raldes and ultimately provide feedback to Falcao. Falcao shot from 18 yards was about to become hattricknya if not widened to the side of the goal. The position was 2-0 last until the referee blew the final whistle.
Colombia is now topped the Group A standings with a score of 7 and confirmed the next round of qualifying. While one spot still up for grabs again Costa Rica and Argentina that will compete tomorrow.
TeamsColombia: L. Martínez P. Armero M. Yepes L. Perea J. Zuniga D. Moreno F. Guarin C. Sanchez A. Aguilar A. Ramos R. FalcaoSubs - E. Soto C. Zapata A. Mosquera Y. Anchico B. J. Castillo Valencia N. Ramos
Bolivia: C. Arias M. Hoyos R. Raldes S. Amador L. J. Álvarez Robles R. J. García J. Arce Edivaldo M. Campos MorenoSubs - S. J. Galarza Vaca L. M. Gutiérrez Saucedo C. Vargas J. Chávez D. Vaca

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