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Jul 14, 2011

Calming Effect Sex Parasite

From the research published in the journal Science, found that sexual activity can help to ward off worms parasit.Beberapa researchers from Indiana University, the United States uses a worm Caenorhabditis elegans to do research. They intend to know the difference between getting a descent with sex and multiplying asexually.

In testing, the researchers expose the harmful bacteria in the worm. Apparently, the worms which reproduce by having sex to survive, while the worms are multiplying without sex (asexual) is not longevity.

According to the researchers, these findings are the most convincing evidence about the main theories in evolutionary biology. The theory in question is that sex evolved because it allows the activity of the organism gene rearrange their bodies back into a new combination so that one step further than the parasite.

"This experiment is very good because it allows researchers to demonstrate that not only the presence of parasites that ended the lives of animals to clone himself, but the presence of parasitic worms also evolved along with it," said Aneil Agrawal, researchers from the University of Toronto.

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