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Jul 19, 2011

Bulk multi-religious wedding in Jakarta World Record

SENAYAN - Mass Wedding Event 2011 in Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (19 / 7), recorded in a world record. This event has a number of pairs of marriages go down the most.

Representatives of World Records, Ron Muller, said the wedding participants as much as 4541 is the largest participant in the world. Moreover, the event is also considered to be the largest multi-religious marriage. "This is an example for other countries," he said when giving the Royal World Recodrs Certificated in Senayan.

World record certificate was handed over to the Chairman of the Organizing Mass Wedding 2011, Hana Ananda. In addition, this award was given to the Director of Channel B, Sofia Koswara, who co-worked this mass wedding organized.

Ron said, pleased to see the state can establish a multi-religious harmony in this event. He hoped that this be a message to foster peace in the life of the state.

While Sofia feel this award is a pride. These mass weddings, he says, has been showing the face of Indonesia are in harmony and peace. "As the principle of national unity and Pancasila." He said the mass wedding was attended by different partners with different religious backgrounds.

The couple married this mass consists of 3,112 couples are Muslim, 1248 Protestant, 96 Catholic, Buddhist 25 couples, 12 couples a variety of Hindu and Confucian religious couples 8.

The participants come from families that have not been able to meet prasejahtera population administration, including to get a book or marriage certificate. The youngest participant was recorded mass marriage of 16 years old and the oldest 86 years old.

Chairman of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) RI, Irman Gusman, said the mass wedding of this activity can be an inspiration for other regions. He said the Council will support the ongoing activities such as this. "Hopefully in another province can take a larger event like this," he said.