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Jul 12, 2011

Blimey! Julia Perez Login Bank Wear Bikini

Blimey! Julia Perez Log Bikini.Kali Bank Use this unique incident occurred when Jupiter was on holiday to Bali with her lover Gaston Castano. He walked into a bank wearing only bikini sexy Julia Perez saja.Artis can not be far with ulahnya that makes its own sensation.

"When fit again in Bali. Pas finished eating, I go to the ATM. Pas enter the card, system shutdown, fitting the money would come out suddenly lights off. Finally the card at an ATM machine swallowed too, "he explained.

Panic because his card swallowed, immediately call the BCA Jupe to block the card. Since it was Friday and the bank is only open half a day, Jupe who was wearing a bikini immediately rushed to the nearest bank by renting a bike.

"I have a residence time of 1 hour to the bank, but again I dress not use anything, just pake bikini. But the next day's Saturday. Instead I can not ngambil money, can not eat in Bali, finally daring aja. I came closest wrote to the bank BCA, bikini doang. Well fortunately in Bali, "he explained.

Jupe said if at that time he was scared of the cases lost money in the BCA that had ever happened and happened in Bali as well. Because kenekatannya it, Jupe make the customers gawk because of her makeup.

"People over there to gawk. Where Gaston is also just pake doang swimwear, how else would run out. Because it really panicked, "he said

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