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Jul 8, 2011

Berlusconi was nominated Yourself So Italian Prime

ROME - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi reiterated he would not run for Prime Minister of Italy, after his term ends in 2013.

So far, Berlusconi often plagued with controversy over a personal matter while he was still struggling to face resistance from political opponents.

When he was sure would not run again as prime minister, the Italian media tycoon was also suggested something similar to its closest ally. Umberto Bossi Berlusconi suggested to his post as head of the Northern League Party, which also served as Federal Minister for Reform of Italy

Berlusconi replied, "certainly not" when he was interviewed by the newspaper La Republica, on Friday (08/07/2011) regarding the possibility of his return run.

Earlier he issued a similar comment in front of foreign journalists in April. At that time Justice Minister Angelino Alfano designated as a potential replacement for him.

"It is appropriate to present a new generation prepared to take over (the government). This course will be happen in quick time and (Umberto) Bossi will be replaced," said Berlusconi.

During his time as Prime Minister of Italy at this time, Berlusconi often filled with scandal. He is now accused of sex with teenage minors. But it is not provable.