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Jul 12, 2011

Wenger: Respect Us

KUALA LUMPUR - Arsene Wenger's starting pre-season tour of Arsenal ahead of the 2010/11 season with upset and restless hearts. Imagine, Wenger haunted by anxiety over the fate of two key players, Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas are aggressively preached to leave the Emirates Stadium
Although The Professor repeatedly asserted that he would retain its best two key players, but Wenger is trying to think realistically if a bad situation that happened to both his protege, turned away from the Emirates Stadium.
"Think about the worst situation, we lose Fabregas and Nasri. Afterwards you can not convince people that you are ambitious as after that, "Wenger said quoted by Football 365, Tuesday (12/07/2011).
Wenger was asked for understanding on a number of clubs who are interested to Fabregas and Nasri so that both players are no longer, because after all both Fabregas and Nasri as important to Arsenal. In conclusion he asked all clubs respect to Arsenal.
"The message we give is very important. For example, you see Fabregas and Nasri go. If you mernyampikan message out, you can not pretend that you are a big club, "Wenger said
"Because that's a big club, first holding on to quality players and give a message to other clubs that they can not come and pick it up (Fabregas and Nasri) from you," said Wenger in his press conference in Arsenal's pre-season tour in Malaysia.
Still in the same occasion, the French architect appealed to Fabregas to stay at the Emirates Stadium, as Wenger Fabregas have yet to see concrete reasons to choose to pull out of the British capital, London.
"I believe because I hope he will see that there will be no more accomplishments than for her role in her life to lead this team (Arsenal) to achieve success. It's also not the right period for him to leave the club, "he continued.
"I think love Fabregas to Arsenal is always split. I feel this sense of the original and how well you can understand, the biggest desire right now to play for the biggest team in the world. I think they (Arsenal and Barcelona) in his head, "added Wenger.

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