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Jul 9, 2011

Thousands of Protesters Arrested, Anwar Ibrahim Injuries Reported

KUALA LUMPUR - riot in the aftermath of the demonstrations held by opposition groups in Malaysia are increasingly making capital of Malaysia's tense atmosphere. Noted, thousands of demonstrators arrested the neighbor country.

As reported by AFP on Saturday (09/07/2011), police arrested approximately one thousand protesters who staged a protest demanding electoral reform Malaysia. Demonstrations based in Kuala Lumpur that also makes the atmosphere tense. There is also a mention riots that led to the demonstration wound opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

A social networking page belonging Malaysian police say they have arrested approximately 924 people, including lawmakers who joined with Anwar Ibrahim.

It also includes the President of the Pan Islamic Party of Malaysia, Abdul Hadi Awang, who was the leader of the largest opposition party in Malaysia. There is also Ambiga Sreenivasan Net organization leaders who are driving the demonstrators.

Ambiga 55-year-old was the leader of the Net, a coalition that organized the demonstrations demanding a free and fair elections, to be held next year.

Previously, approximately eight thousand protesters take the fight when they were attacked with tear gas.

The emphasis of the demonstrators carried by Malaysian police also come under fire from Malaysian citizens who are now in Seoul, South Korea (ROK). Approximately 30 citizens of Malaysia in Seoul took to the streets to protest against the Malaysian riot police who fired tear gas against protesters.